101 Excuses For Not Doing Homework

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You can tell your teacher that you tried researching the topic, but you failed to understand the core meaning of it.So, the teacher will automatically stand up to clear your concept or explain to you the topic of your work.If your teacher hardly notices the number of students present in the class or if they hardly care to look at the attendance register; you can apply this reason for missing your homework.

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Some students find it time-consuming, other might complain about the busy schedule, while there are also students who find homework a boring task.

But if you have not completed your homework, you need to be well prepared with an excuse because whenever you are given any task, your teacher might ask you to submit it the next day or at a specified date.

So, if you tell that you fail to complete your work because you were sick, they will surely not punish you.

Most importantly, even teachers know that students frequently face health issues, so your reason will be satisfactory to your teacher.

If you have already made the above excuse once or twice, go for this one.

Any diseases, infections or problems never come with an invitation and teachers to understand this well.

This reason displays that you have completed your homework and bought in the class, but somehow it got misplaced and you are not able to find it.

So, in the class of 20-40 students, teachers will hardly have time to ask every student to check their bags and look for your notebook (which means someone might have mistakenly kept your notebook assuming that it belongs to them).

If you have already applied one, go for the second.

This list provides a number of options that can fit your sack.


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