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Often, discrimination stems from fear and misunderstanding. According to the 2015 Stress in America Survey, people who say they have faced discrimination rate their stress levels higher, on average, than those who say they have not experienced discrimination. Chronic stress can lead to a wide variety of physical and mental health problems.Indeed, perceived discrimination has been linked to issues including anxiety, depression, obesity, high blood pressure and substance abuse.

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Elements that relate to employment, such as the recruitment processes, firing, wages, job assignments, discharges, promotions, and employee benefits must treat all workers equally.

Employers must also ensure that workers are not harassed because of their age.

Under SEC 626 of the ADEA Act, the EEOE has the power to investigate reported cases of age discrimination against workers.

Employees who feel discriminated due to age by an employer can file for charges with the EEOC.

The anticipation of discrimination creates its own chronic stress.

People might even avoid situations where they expect they could be treated poorly, possibly missing out on educational and job opportunities.In paper, the term can refer to employees of all ages, however, studies show that persons aged 40 years and above suffer the highest proportion of all discrimination cases.The United States Code contains a section that deals specifically with this form of discrimination, known as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA).Laws are in place to protect people from discrimination in housing and employment. According to Stress in America Survey results, issues related to employment are the most commonly reported experiences of major discrimination across ethnic groups.Yet experts say that smaller, less obvious examples of day-to-day discrimination – receiving poorer service at stores or restaurants, being treated with less courtesy and respect, or being treated as less intelligent or less trustworthy – may be more common than major discrimination.Discrimination can be damaging even if you haven’t been the target of overt acts of bias.Regardless of your personal experiences, it can be stressful just being a member of a group that is often discriminated against, such as racial minorities or individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT).This legislation aims to protect persons aged 40 persons or more from age discrimination.The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act of 1990 (OWBPA) revised several parts of the ADEA Act to chiefly ban firms from holding back benefits to employees aged 40 years and above.Besides, various expense reimbursements may be sought: attorney fees, witness fees, and any other expenses incurred in the search for justice.Compensation and punitive measures may be undertaken when deliberate discrimination has been undertaken against a worker (Directgov, 2011).


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