Agricultural Productivity Thesis

Agricultural Productivity Thesis-62
In manufacturing, the positive impact of technology is picked up by the schooling variable.The degree of openness to trade has a positive effect on agricultural productivity and a negative effect on manufacturing.

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Agriculture in Nigeria is labor intensive as the sector employs more than half of the labor force in the country.

However, despite the high level of human resource, the contribution of the sector to the economic growth has continued to reduce over the years (Manyong et al. The low productivity has been associated with the fact that the sector is mostly made up of small scale farmers who still use rudimentary production techniques which makes them highly dependent on manual labor (Oluyole et al. Family labor is an important source of manpower in agriculture.

In addition to data on sectoral fixed capital, I construct measures of livestock and treestock which are significant components of agricultural capital, though their roles are changing.

The critical role that physical capital plays in economic growth is revealed.

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in some cases, the file type may be unknown or may be a file. Copyright of the original materials contained in the supplemental file is retained by the author and your access to the supplemental files is subject to the Pro Quest Terms and Conditions of use.Women are an important source of labor; however, they face great setbacks in terms of access to inputs.The influence of input utilization on labor productivity differentials among male- and female-managed plots was assessed using the 2013 General Household Survey (GHS) data for Nigeria.Productivity is positively related to the relative level of development in a country and the relative prices, and negatively related to price variability and inflation.In agriculture, the measure of the implemented technologies has a positive impact.While labor productivity was higher on plots managed by males, the use of inputs was found to have a significant negative relationship with labor productivity in the highest quantile on plots owned by both gender.) and the sector has been identified as the major source of income of most rural households.Sub-Saharan Africa ranks high in the world in terms of the proportion of people living in poverty, and agriculture has been identified to have the potentials of reducing poverty and promoting economic development in the region.The traditional system of division of labor where women are expected to care for the house and still participate in agricultural activities may restrict their availability for agricultural production, thus reducing the total area under crop cultivation due to labor shortages (Kwaramba ) explain that the availability of labor for farm activities determines the extent of work that can be done and ultimately the productivity of the sector.The productivity of labor in agriculture is highly dependent on the availability of inputs and the quality of work done by labor. () explained that the proper allocation of inputs could assist farmers to make efficient and effective use of labor and ultimately improve productivity.Results revealed that input use was generally low among the farmers.Females in south-east and south-west zones used more of hired labor when compared to males.


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