Amnesty International High School Essay

Violations of human rights include the following: torture of a person and/or his or her family members by mental or physical means, the “disappearance” of persons considered to be enemies of the state, the imposition by governments of the death penalty, the death of those held in custody or being detained, and the forcible return of persons to countries where they face torture or death.

Amnesty International describes “disappeared persons” as persons who are taken into custody, kept hidden and unable to communicate with others, and whose whereabouts are denied by the government agents who arrested them. If they are not murdered, they can be held incommunicado for years while the government agents responsible routinely deny that they have custody of these prisoners or knowledge of their fates and often suggest that the prisoners have “disappeared” of their own volition.

This Human Rights Education toolkit was created to support teachers’ participation with their students in the W4R campaign.

It provides a broad perspective on human rights issues and offers the opportunity to open young people’s minds to global concerns.

The Northeast Regional Office of AIUSA is based at the Non Profit Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

Amnesty International Goals Amnesty International does not accept government funding and remains independent of governmental, economic, or political interests. Members include people of various religious, political, and societal points of view who share the common goals mentioned above.“[Shetty] has greatly built the organizational presence of [Amnesty International] in the Global South,” Risse said.“One thing that we are very interested in in the Carr Center…Financial support for the organization comes from individual members and groups as well as trusts, foundations, and companies that are committed to support the cause of human rights worldwide.Conclusion Amnesty International carries out its struggle for human dignity for all human rights victims by mobilizing public opinion throughout the world to pressure government officials and other influential persons to stop human rights abuses.Amnesty International’s former Secretary General Shalil Shetty will be joining the Kennedy School’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy as a senior fellow in the upcoming academic year, according to a Friday press release.Shetty served as Amnesty International’s eighth secretary general from 2010 to July 2018.It is a non-governmental organization focused on human rights.The organization claims to have over 7 million members and supporters around the world.By learning about and writing persuasive letters to help end We produce a wide range of human rights education resources on a variety of themes.Our materials can be used and adapted by teachers, educators, trainers, and peer educators to foster knowledge, skills and attitudes consistent with human rights principles.


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