An Essay On My Father My Hero

An Essay On My Father My Hero-6
As such, at most uprightness was a necessity for one to be recognized in the society.For instance, a drunkard student or one who hurl insults at others would barely get support in anything.

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Coming from a poor background, my father had little chances of success.

At that time, securing gainful employment was difficult, especially for the illiterate members of the society.

As such, my father’s performance did catch the attention of several well wishers.

He, therefore, managed to complete his studies up to the tertiary level.

The sponsorships that he attracted are a clear indication that his conduct was upright.

This is due to the fact that sponsorship in Indonesia has always been attached to good conduct.During most of our conversations, we discuss topical issues regarding our future, the family, as well as the future of Indonesia.Considering the much he has achieved, it is intriguing to listen to him as he talks about his past.Indonesia was struggling with redressing the consequences of its troubled history which began with the conquest and fragmentation of the country by the Dutch and the British colonialists (Robison 23-26).My father belonged to the baby boomer generation, a generation that suffered a lot in the post war struggle for independence as well as during the Suharto regime.It is for this reason that I tend to believe that he was a well behaved student.In addition to poverty and instability in the society, my father suffered the tragedy of losing his parents while in high school.This means that he had to struggle a lot in his endeavor to have a decent life.The paper addresses the reason why I do consider my father as my hero.He does not hesitate to do the best for his family, especially on matters regarding the foundations of our futures.That is evident in the manner in which he considered sending me here, in America, so that I can take advantage of a superior education system.


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