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A case management system allows officials to monitor the progress of cases to ensure that they are finalised speedily.By 2014, an agreement was already in place with the National Prosecuting Authority to ensure that whistle-blowers were protected.

In terms of accessibility; GEMS has made considerable inroads in covering lower level employees, with 45% of Level 1 to Level 5 employees now covered by the scheme.

Approximately R1 in every R5 spent on private healthcare is spent by GEMS, and approximately R1 out of every R10 spent on healthcare (private and public) in South Africa is spent by GEMS.

GEMS was registered on 1 January 2005 specifically to meet the healthcare needs of government employees.

Its mission is to provide all Public Service employees with equitable access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare benefits.

The focus areas are to ensure that the following is done and made available: The Minister of Public Service and Administration and union leaders launched the Public Service Charter in August 2013.

The Public Service Charter is a commitment between the State as the employer and labour, which seeks to professionalise and encourage excellence in the Public Service and improve service delivery.

It also introduces service standards in the Public Service, with a call to public servants to meet and exceed them.

The department’s budget allocation for the 2017/18 financial year was R877.1 million.

The Minister of Public Service and Administration launched the anti-corruption bureau to fast-track disciplinary cases in the public sector.

The bureau forms part of amendments to the Public Service Act of 1994.


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