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In 2018, 303,243 students took the Advanced Placement World History exam. 56.2 percent of students received a score of 3 or higher, meaning they might qualify for college credit or course placement.

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As our calculations tell us, you have 13 minutes and 15 seconds per short-answer question. Section II of the AP World History Exam takes a lot of brain power.

Though 13 minutes for a ‘short’ question sounds like more than enough time, there are a lot of steps involved in each questions. Break is an important time during any AP Exam, and for first timers like yourself, don’t waste it. Without a little bit of extra fuel, your brain will shut down early.

In fact, success in challenging courses is the best predictor of college success available to the admissions officers.

SAT and ACT scores have some predictive value, but the thing they best predict is the income of the applicant.

AP World History is designed to cover the material one would encounter in a two-semester introductory-level college world history course, although the reality is that very few colleges will award two semesters of credit for the course. Students learn to make historical arguments and historical comparisons, and they learn how to analyze and write about both primary and secondary sources.

The course is broad and covers important people and events from 8000 B. Students study how to contextualize historical events, and how to understand cause and effect in relation to historical phenomena.World History is a popular Advanced Placement subject, and in 2017 nearly 300,000 students took the AP World History exam.Many colleges have a history requirement as part of their general education programs, and a high score on the exam will often fulfill the requirement and qualify students to take upper-level history courses.The second part of the World History Exam is a 90-minute marathon consisting of two parts.Most students feel the time crunch in this section. There is no pause between the Document-Based Question (DBQ) and Long Essay.Colleges like to admit students who have broad, worldly knowledge, and World History certainly helps demonstrate that knowledge.A long, long time ago (the spring of 2010), I was just a student teacher in a Tennessee middle school. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, let’s not waste another minute.Don’t forget: some questions might take a little longer than one minute, and some might take a little less.If you’re halfway through the test and are a little behind, don’t panic.For other schools, you'll need to search the college's website or contact the appropriate Registrar's office to get AP placement information.Keep in mind that college placement isn't the only reason to take AP World History.


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