Aqa English Literature A2 Coursework Mark Scheme

Aqa English Literature A2 Coursework Mark Scheme-14
Studied together they create an understanding of English Literature that will deepen your students' knowledge and love of the subject.Our English AS and A-levels provide strong stand-alone qualifications that are designed to be co-teachable.

Given that the text being written about in this exemplar response is a novel, the discussion will be on narrative method.

Comment on characterisation, sequencing, structure, voices, settings and language should be woven into the argument.

What is important, given that the NEA assesses all five assessment objectives (AOs), is that each task must allow access to them all.

Students should be familiar with this concept by the time they approach the NEA as all AOs are tested in all questions in the examined components 1 and 2.

To that end, few restrictions are placed on the student’s freedom to choose their own texts and shape their own task but the following requirements must be met: The introduction to the NEA should provide students with a detailed review of the above requirements and guidance on what it means to work independently (e.g.

productive research skills, effective time management). The point at which students begin their NEA preparation will depend on individual school and college decisions.

This component is supported by the AQA critical anthology, which has accessible extracts on a range of theoretical ideas.

The six sections in the critical anthology encourage students to think about how literature might reflect and be affected by ideas about: Obviously teachers will have to decide how the critical anthology will be introduced.

The NEA component allows students and teachers much more freedom in the choice of texts than the examined components and so enables the aptitudes and interests of students to be taken into account when texts are being selected.

When supporting students with their choice of texts, the following guidance is useful: We encourage schools and colleges to check task titles with their AQA NEA Adviser before students embark on their research, especially where there may be some uncertainty about the appropriateness of texts or the approach being taken.


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