Architectural Technology Dissertation Topics

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Lots of books and articles on this subject so you won't have too much trouble researching and it should be relatively straight forward and a conversation free of jargon and topics so thick into the weeds like foundation insulation that most people should be able to understand.Hope this helps Peter N I suggest you write about how zoning required parking minimums are not based off of actual utilization rates (or any science) and make traffic problems (and car dependency) worse in most cities.

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Good choice would be just to choose one appropriate subject and research it more deeply and in this way there is a good chance you will tell people something new about it.

I'm currently living in one of the Sub Saharan region African countries (Swaziland) to be specific.

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With the countries geographical landscape of very high and low regions, whereby we experience temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius and high as 38-40 degrees Celsius.

please help me out with topics suggestions on how to tackle insulation issue for existing buildings in Sub Saharan Africa.Architectural Design Competitions A lot of publications to cite for the effect of design competitions on the built environment and the profession.Think Maya Lin and the Vietnam Memorial and the Harold Washington Library in Chicago.You’d think that high multi-modal usage places like Amsterdam and Copenhagen are immune to these complaints, but with any project that goes through a public hearing process there is always someone concerned about traffic and parking even in these cities. Arch from India and i have to start and do research on a topic. so can someone please help me where to start and how to write a research paper ??Start with a statistic that will scare the reader so they start using their reptile brain. For instance, you can say socialist Scandinavian countries are making it so the government is controlling everything, and in fact, compared to the free countries like the USA and GB, Scandinavian citizens only are able to consume 25% of water each year of the average American.Parking and traffic is the one thing everyone complains about in zoning hearings.These concerns are usually based on the problem that there is a dearth of other transportation choices, and no plans from gov officials for weening people off cars.Rule number one is you usually don’t have a building if you can’t get the parking to work.The ultimate goal is to right size (or even eliminate) parking need.While students produce thousands of dissertations, only a few stand out.This has an effect on your grade and future career prospects.


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