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Note that it is also possible to search for multiple tags, which will return posts under at least one of those tags.

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You can also search by user ID instead of username, if you happen to know the ID of the user you are searching for (you can find this in their profile URL, which is of the form the name(s) of forum(s) to restrict your search to.

The search results will only contain posts posted in the forum(s) you entered.

Select whether to sort results by "Relevance" (default), "Newest first", or "Oldest first".

If "relevance" is selected, the posts will be sorted according to a scoring algorithm that approximates how well a post correlates to the search query.

It is primarily useful for quickly searching, especially when the search is of a general nature and without a specific post in mind.

The method is simple: simply type your query into the "Search Community" field, click the magnifying glass (or press the Enter key), and posts containing terms matching your query will be shown to you.

If you reached this webpage through clicking on the magnifying glass in one of the forums, this field will be pre-populated with that forum.

Forums entered must be valid forums and will be authenticated prior to searching.

Searching for multiple terms will return posts matching at least one of those terms, prioritizing posts "closer" to the query as a whole.

See the following section for ways to further customize these queries.


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