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Many companies will develop expertise and experience in maintaining the aircraft.

Lessons learned by one country can be shared with the others.

It would have been Canada’s first supersonic jet fighter — the CF-100 Canuck fighters, also built by Avro, were fine aircraft for their time, but could not break the speed of sound.

The Arrow was cancelled abruptly by then-Prime Minister John Diefenbaker in 1959.Even if the F-35 is not ultimately chosen, whatever aircraft Canada does purchase will almost certainly be an American-made jet used among many allies.If Canada went with Arrows, we’d be taking on all the costs — design, start-up, production, testing and, eventually, maintenance — and as important, all the risks.The controversial decision was driven by many factors, including Dief the Chief’s prickly nature. Canada had originally envisioned a fleet of hundreds of aircraft.The development costs made sense when amortized out across that big a production run.Given our need for only several dozen planes, it is difficult to see how sufficient economies of scale could ever be achieved to make this a good idea.As romantic as the notion of bringing back the Arrow may seem, it’s no surprise that the government said no a second time.Canada has used foreign combat aircraft ever since.The story of the Arrow has taken on almost mythical proportions in Canada, and has even spawned conspiracy theories that the plane was killed because the Americans feared losing prestige (and sales) to their northern neighbour. But it’s still bizarre to see a plane that was cancelled in 1959 being suggested for use in 2020, when the current fleet of RCAF CF-18s is expected to need replacement.National Post [email protected] is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience.We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles.


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