Barriers Of Problem Solving

Barriers Of Problem Solving-89
It is the fear of being wrong, of making a mistake, or of losing money or time.

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The third major obstacle to creative thinking is the fear of criticism, or the fear of ridicule, scorn or rejection.

It is the fear of sounding dumb or looking foolish.

This is triggered by the desire to be liked and approved of by others, even people you don’t know or care about.

As a result, you decide that, “If you want to get along, you have to go along.” It is amazing how many people live lives of underachievement and mediocrity because they are afraid to attempt to sell themselves or their ideas for business success.

There are two main reasons why creativity is important in achieving business success.

First, problem solving and making decisions are the key functions of the entrepreneur.

There are six major obstacles to creative thinking that could be preventing you from learning how to improve your problem solving skills for business success.

Any one of them, if you fail to recognize and remove it, can hold you back.

The first obstacle to creative thinking is the lack of clear goals and objectives, written down, accompanied by detailed, written plans of action.

When you become crystal clear about what you want, and how you are going to achieve it, your creative mind springs to life.


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