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Learning about the African American society has made me want to be an active member so I can discuss social issues that affect all black people with students who identify as black.As a member, I will not only inform the campus about the issues that impact black students but also inform the campus about issues that impact black people of all ages and statuses.

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Pshh, saving third world countries from natural disasters can wait, especially... The clock reads PM as I sit alone, eyes barely open, surrounded only by the photo-covered walls of my dorm room, completely overcome by exhaustion. For my first birthday, my grandparents flew to Ohio and gave me my first birthday...

The best way to learn is through blood, sweat, and a little bit of vomit.

One afternoon, I read the biography of Geoffrey Canada, an educator, author, social activist and alumnus of Bowdoin. Canada’s story inspired me to look more into Bowdoin.

Within my reading, I learned that Bowdoin has a history of helping young African American students through such organizations as the African American society.

Weighted GPA: 3.9375; this will improve to a 3.97 weighted grade point average. Quick pointers At the beginning of the semester my weighted GPA was a 3.8913 and it improved to a 3.9375, making my class rank go from 60/380 to 51/380.

I took 3 AP classes last year, and I am taking 4 AP classes now. I took Microecon at Christian Brothers University and World History online through Christian Brothers University to complete graduation requirements.Prior to my relatively new experiences in EMS I always believed that the classroom was where you learned and the real world is where you apply your skills. Read more about Bowdoin's Test Optional Policy to decide your test plan.I chose: "To be at home in all lands and all ages." I was asked to reflect on the line I selected and how it has meaning to me.I was also told that The Offer of the College represents Bowdoin's values.My response: This line appeals to me because it reflects my desire to have challenging discussions about issues that affect African Americans in a confined setting like Bowdoin, which has just one thousand, eight hundred and sixteen students.I grew up in the southern part of Memphis, Tennessee, a part of Memphis devastated by economic plight, so I had trouble finding equally socially conscious African American youth in my community.By now, color and form are two essential ways I express myself.In my art I often draw myself as a stick figure with a shock of bright red hair.I am always well informed about the issues that young African American people face such as the fact that the African American student graduation rate is only forty-two percent.Instead of speaking passionately about phenomena such as the low black graduation rate, I have internalized my opinions because my peers are not as interested in discussing such issues as I am.


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