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As a result, it is the most popular brainstorming method with students.

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Each individual will write an idea on a piece of paper or index card.

Then everyone passes the index card to their left or right.

Brainstorming helps you deal with much of the uncertainty and anxiety around essay writing.

Brainstorming may give rise to images of groups shooting ideas back and forth.

Figure storming is an unusual technique that involves thinking of a person from history that all people in the group know and trying to figure out what that person would do to solve the problem you’re discussing.

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This method encourages individuals to explore outside perspectives in a new, fun way.Rapid ideation is an intensive session of idea generation that can produce massive results.Experts in all fields have used it to think of big ideas in a short amount of time, and it might be what you’re looking for to proceed with writing your essay.While all of the previous methods can work for either individual or group brainstorming, these next techniques work best with more than one person.Brain Writing Gather 2 or more people together and present to them the same problem (the topic of the essay).Brain netting, a fancy name for online brainstorming, allows a group of people located in different parts of the world to collaborate (which brings extra opinions and resources to the table).The principles of any other brainstorming session are the same, except you are drawing from a larger and more diverse set of people.Start with a simple word in the middle of the sheet or board (usually, the one describing the topic of your essay best) and use association to come up with any other word related to it.Finally, group these together based on some connection between them.This was for a short (250 word) essay, written under exam conditions, with the title: 'Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the internet'. It shows up when we’re doing creative work and, in particular, when we’re working on something new.


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