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The major element of the study consisted of an in-depth investigation and analysis of Health is Global launched in 2008.Of the countries with some formal strategy for GHD, the UK global health strategy is the most detailed and comprehensive.In 2007 the foreign ministers of Brazil, France, Indonesia, Norway, Senegal, South Africa and Thailand launched the Foreign Policy and Global Health (FPGH) initiative and the Oslo Ministerial Declaration and renewed it in 2010 [7, 8].

This history database contains tens of thousands of U. government documents relating to Britain’s international relations, including foreign policy instructions, letters and memos, business reports, and more.

These primary source materials have been selected by the official historians of Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and, in many cases, have been declassified at their request for inclusion in this series.

Diplomatic historians, international relations scholars, British Studies specialists, war researchers, and educators in many disciplines will find this collection an indispensable resource.

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The primary reason that the UK decided to focus more on global health is self-interest - to protect national and international security and economic interests.

Investing in global health was also seen as a way to enhance the UK’s international reputation.With Documents on British Policy Overseas, researchers gain a more complete understanding of the tensions, motivations, politics, and relationships that shaped Europe and the world throughout the twentieth century.This easily searchable database is the online version of three print content sets: -- British Documents on the Origins of War (1898-1914), which includes documents related to the Anglo-German tensions leading to World War I -- Documents on British Foreign Policy (1918-1939), which addresses post-war settlement, re-armament, and growing tensions in Europe, Africa, and the Far East -- Documents on British Policy Overseas (1946-present), which covers topics such as atomic energy, the Korean Conflict, and the Cold War Documents on British Policy Overseas is updated regularly with newly selected materials on additional topics, and supports other Pro Quest government resources, including 20th Century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers and Digital National Security Archive.who and what role they played in the process) [18, 19].A fifth important category, indications of impact, was added to capture data that focused on potential and actual effects of the policy.Access Support Center View Tools & Resources Digital National Security Archive unlocks a vast trove of important declassified U. government documents providing vital primary source material to advance research in twentieth century history, politics, and international relations.Over the past decade, global health issues have become more prominent in foreign policies at the national level.The process to develop state level global health strategies is arguably a form of global health diplomacy (GHD).Despite an increase in the volume of secondary research and analysis in this area, little primary research, particularly that which draws directly on the perspectives of those involved in these processes, has been conducted.This study seeks to fill this knowledge gap through an empirical case study of Health is Global: A UK Government Strategy 2008–2013.It aims to build understanding about how and why health is integrated into foreign policy and derive lessons of potential relevance to other nations interested in developing whole-of-government global health strategies.


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