Business Continuity Plan Template For Small Business

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A business resumption plan is similar to a business continuity plan, except it does not focus on implementing continuity procedures to keep a business up and running during an interruption or disaster.Rather, a business resumption plan addresses two main points: preventive measures and, as the name indicates, resuming operations.

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As many freelancers and small business owners work from home, the odds of a disaster striking are higher than for a salaried employee surrounded by fire extinguishers and trained first-aiders.

Residential fires were almost 15 times more frequent than workplace fires, with 39,600 requiring attendance from the fire services last year.

A continuity plan, as exemplified by our sample business continuity plan template, can also improve internal and external communication, reduce downtime, and prepare employees and executives for disaster.

It helps everyone gain a better understanding of the business and its operations, and it identifies ways to fortify any deficiencies -- both large and small.

Should disaster strike you don’t want to discover that your business continuity plan doesn’t actually work – you’ll have other stuff to worry about! Organise a dry run during a quiet period and simulate a power cut or an earthquake – you could even turn it into a fun team building exercise.

Walk through every step of your continuity plan and ensure each task is achievable, straightforward and necessary.

A business continuity plan not only guarantees the business can continue to operate, serve customers and earn revenue during an interruption, but it also increases the odds the business will successfully ride out the disaster and survive.

Organizations need to have a BC plan in place in anticipation of a variety of threats, including the following: Besides being a good business practice, companies may need business continuity plans for insurance or compliance reasons.

This is comparable to the business continuity process found in larger organizations.

The only difference is the BCP process for small businesses can be simplified depending on the size and complexity of the organization.


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