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Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) templates can be bought off the shelf, allowing you to adjust them for your needs.This is inexpensive and the template can be reused.For example, you may have come up with a product design and need to get an estimate from a manufacturer of how much it will cost to make.

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Subject - the information and documents that will be the subject of the confidentiality agreement.

Penalty clause - an optional way of fixing an amount of compensation that the owner or discloser is paid if the recipient breaches the agreement.

It is a good idea to ask public bodies if they have a confidentiality agreement or NDA which meets the terms of the Act.

For more information on this subject please see the guidance issued by the Scottish Government here.

However it is best to get this in writing and to specify to the employee exactly what is confidential.

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You should also ensure that the NDA makes provision for when the employee leaves your business.You can also use these agreements with your employees and journalists to whom you want to give a 'sneak preview' of financial, technical or new product information.NDAs can cover: Information qualifies as a trade secret or confidential when it is not known in the public domain.Ensure that the information you are seeking to protect cannot be construed as being in the public domain.Once you demonstrate your product, tell someone about an idea or write about it, it can no longer be considered confidential.Any information that you might provide may be disclosed under the terms of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.This gives anyone the right of access to information held by public authorities.Typically, you agree to disclose information to them for a specific purpose, while they agree not to disclose that information to anyone else.This allows you to share your trade secrets with business partners while preventing them from passing this information on.Have a clear idea beforehand of what you want to share with potential business partners and stick to it.This minimises the risk of breaches of confidentiality.


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