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A budding entrepreneur needs to formulate a proper business arrangement that will be beneficial for his Hotel Business.

A budding entrepreneur needs to formulate a proper business arrangement that will be beneficial for his Hotel Business.The proper arrangement of a business plan should encompass every characteristic of your hotel business.As we are now nearing the end of summer of 2017, this means budget and market planning time is here.

Interest rates remain low, business confidence is strong and nothing to derail the economy is imminent.

Oil prices have been unusually flat notwithstanding the speed bump caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Rauch has over 35 years of hospitality- related management experience in all facets of the industry.

You may have an amazing location, a great concept; but if you’ve never set up a new business, you may be wondering “where do I start? For example, if your target customer is likely to be business clients, they are likely to be using the hotel for one night, and free Wi-Fi is important.

Once you know who your average customer is likely to be, it will be easier to cater to their needs to ensure your target customer is happy.

After your mission statement and concept, you should consider who your hotel business target customer is.It’s important to maximise your hotel’s strengths, attempt to minimise your weaknesses, work towards seizing your opportunities and reducing the impact of or eliminating threats. You must include how much money needs to be invested in the business, as well as the monthly income and outgoings for the business.This will help you budget your purchases as well as give you and any potential investors an idea on when the business can expect to be making a profit.Whether you are opening a new business or getting ready for 2018 budgeting, now is the time to begin the planning process.Use this process now or risk losing your competitive edge!Naturally, the caveat is that unexpected "event" that could stimulate a precipitous decline in demand.We believe that can be averted in 2018 despite the craziness in the Middle East, North Korea's chest pounding and the turbulent economies abroad.For more information on business plans and setting up a business, please feel free to contact West Won on 01494 611 456 or email us on [email protected] Formulating a Business plan for Hotel before endowing any money in the enterprise is very vital to assist the entrepreneur in locating probable opportunities he has in Hotel industry.” Writing a detailed, persuasive business plan is not easy, but it is vital to the success of your hotel. Alternatively, if your average customer is likely to be families on holiday, then they are likely to stay for more than one night. Research the local area to ensure your hotel meets the expectations of your target customer.With over 25 years working in the finance industry, West Won are proud to have funded a whole range of new start hotels, from luxury 5 star hotels in London to 3 bedroom bed and breakfast cottages in Cornwall. Offering free leaflets of family activities for the local area may seem simple, but it could be what makes you stand out from other local accommodation. Investigate local accommodation pricing, locations, and facilities on offer. Do you have any local hotels who have the same concept as yours? Take notes of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.


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