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Reactions from knowledgeable third parties usually help.

Edit, re-write and if necessary, re-write it once more until you come up with an essay that puts your personality, educational background and experience in a good light.

You must include a non-refundable application fee of $265, paid by credit card (Visa, Master Card, or American Express), with your application.

Don’t speak as if you're telling them a mysterious tale. Don’t make the admissions department think they're reading an essay written by a highschooler.

Use what valuable paper space you have to convince them that you are the right candidate for the program. Take note of the technicalities of the language, watch your spelling and grammar.

After selecting your recommenders, it is possible that you’ll need to alter this selection.

If a recommender has not begun their recommendation, you can delete them and assign another recommender.You may self-report grades or marks on our Online Transcript Template; official documents are required upon admission and matriculation.We require two letters of recommendations from individuals who are well acquainted with your performance in a work setting, preferably from a current or former supervisor.That means you will have to put some serious thought into the preparation of your business school essays.What you will write about will depend on the demands of the particular program you're applying for.Don’t try to overwhelm or awe the admissions department by flooding them with words.You're dealing with professionals here, who probably have more experience sifting through business school essays than you have years spent in school. Keep your sentences short but complete and be direct to the point.Business school is probably one of the most unique challenges you'll face beyond college.For one, there are certain requirements you'll have to complete and for another, it does require you to produce essays as part of admissions.How will you use what you learned through that experience to contribute to the Wharton community?(400 words) Additional Question (required for all Reapplicants): Transcripts of all academic work completed at the baccalaureate/undergraduate level and beyond, whether or not for credit or a degree, are required to apply for the MBA program.


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