Capsicum Farming In Open Field

Capsicum Farming In Open Field-53
Earthing operation will also help in removing the weeds.

Earthing operation will also help in removing the weeds.

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The adults of these tiny insects are slender yellow, active and pointed at both ends.

The females have four extremely slender wings which have long fringe on their posterior margins.

Then the field is brought to a clean and fine tilth.

The seedling having attained 4-5 leaves should be transplanted.

Moreover, higher night temperatures are found to be responsible for the higher capsicin (pungency) content in green pepper.

Although sweet pepper can be grown in almost all types of soils, well drained clay loam soil is considered ideal for its cultivation. Levelled and raised beds have been found more suitable than sunken beds for its cultivation.

Generally, 50 to 60 days old seedlings are used for transplanting.

The seedlings are transplanted in rows at a distance of 30 to 60 cm depending upon the area and the variety.

The complete dose of farmyard manure should be applied in the soil at the time of first ploughing.

Potassium and phosphate fertilizers should be mixed in the plant rows just before transplanting.


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