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The 5 results reflected support for the Weapons Theory Effect showing participants were less likely to make a correct identification or no identification when watching the crime in which the weapon was produced.

Surprisingly the findings reflected that the participants that watched the crime involving the concealed weapon and no weapon both had higher rates of correct identifications and lesser false identifications.

Dealing with a case study students have to analyze the particular issue in question, research its background, offer the viable solution and prove their point using the specific methodology.

It is close to impossible to write this assignment properly when you just start composing advanced academic papers at college or university.

Cotton tried to appeal the conviction numerous times unsuccessfully, his break come in 1995 when the Burlington Police Department gave all evidence against Cotton to the defense which included a DNA sample from the perpetrator.

The DNA test cleared Cotton and in 1995, after serving 10.5 4 they believed the accurate testimony reflecting negative impact upon their discretion.a question that psychology has endeavored to understand through the study of memory in its various aspects, when applied to law it falls into the fairly new realm of forensic the study of psychology and law.Whilst most professionals will agree that eyewitness identification is an essential component of the judicial system it seems to have some pitfalls that call for further analysis of credibility and weight given to this form of evidence.The evidence against Cotton was highly circumstantial, eyewitness testimony and identification of Cotton being the key evidence that the prosecution relied on to secure the conviction.In January of 1985 Ronald Cotton was found guilty of rape and burglary and handed down life in prison plus 54 years in a post conviction trial Cotton Innocence 2017).It hypothesizes that witnesses consider fully the distraction a weapon presents during a crime so account for how it may negatively affect their memory leading to possible false convictions based on inflated levels of confidence and accuracy in identification of suspect.It also predicted that a crime involving a concealed weapon should have the same negative impact upon memory as Weapons Effect Theory providing the witness notices that the perpetrator is in fact carrying a weapon, which was the first time this scenario had been in any form tested.Participants were placed into groups and asked to watch the video paying attention to detail, but not told what they would later be asked to do.After a minute break they were told the perpetrator of the crime may or may not be present in the lineup but their goal was to identify him or indicate that they Immediately following this the participants were asked to rate their confidence levels in their selection.The participants included 655 university students with a further 579 participants recruited through a nationwide survey sample.The authors created three different versions of a mock crime on video all in which the actors are the same and the perpetrator states he has a gun.


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