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Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy and Center for Human Values have created four anonymized case studies to promote the discussion of ethics.The first of these studies, Automated Healthcare App, discusses a smartphone app designed to help adult onset diabetes patients.

They are multi-faceted, and frequently there's no single right answer.

And they help us to recognize there are few situations that don't raise ethical questions.

Jean agreed that the experience was unpleasant, but that was the price to pay for working in an intense, industry-leading team.

Q Industries is an international defense contractor specializing in autonomous vehicles.

The response was that these were the changes requested by the client. Blocker Plus is an automated Internet content filter designed to help these institutions comply with CIPA’s requirements.

During a review session, the development team reviewed a number of complaints about content being blocked inappropriately.Learn more about ACM’s commitment to ethical standards: the ACM Code of Ethics, Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, and Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE), which is guiding these and other intiatives.Ask an Ethicist invites ethics questions related to computing or technology. Submit yours via a form, and the ACM Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE) will answer a selection of them on the site.This course does not satisfy the Legal Profession requirement for graduation. The ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Practice (“the Code”) is meant to inform practice and education.As an early pioneer in passive systems, such as bomb-defusing robots and crowd-monitoring drones, Q established itself as a vendor of choice for military and law enforcement applications.Q’s products have been deployed in a variety of settings, including conflict zones and nonviolent protests.A new hire with the interactive technologies team, Diane became the target of team leader Max’s tirades when she committed a code update that introduced a timing glitch in a prototype shortly before a live demo.Diane approached the team’s manager, Jean, about Max’s abusive behavior.Rogue Services touts its web hosting as “cheap, guaranteed uptime, no matter what.” While some of Rogue’s clients are independent web-based retailers, most are focused on malware and spam, which leverage Rogue for continuous delivery.Corrupted advertisements often link to code hosted on Rogue to exploit browser vulnerabilities to infect machines with ransomware.


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