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These teachers create a classroom atmosphere that supports learning.They become trustworthy sources of knowledge for students.

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The best teachers develop an accurate understanding of how people learn.

They recognize the power they have to either help or hurt student understanding.

They see learning as a shared responsibility between themselves and the students.

Quality of teaching is judged by what students learn and how they can use the information.

The experience raised a basic question in my mind: What do people think professors do to deserve teaching awards? It defines the kind of teachers we strive to become.

For institutions, the answer determines the kind of teaching that is rewarded with tenure and promotion (at least at places that don’t focus exclusively on research).If students don’t learn, teaching is not successful, regardless of how brilliant and engaging the teacher might be.A learning-driven approach can be contrasted with an information-driven approach to teaching.What is notable about these reasons is that they have little to do with actual teaching skill.The implication is that award-winning teachers are not any more effective at engendering student learning than the rest of us.In my experience, the most positive reasons people give to explain why a colleague won a teaching award is that the person is especially passionate or dedicated to teaching.We applaud colleagues who win teaching awards who have sacrificed in some way for teaching, or who have worked to make their classes particularly fun and engaging, or who inspire students to excel.These teachers show students the shortcomings of their current thinking and understanding, and convince them of the value of developing a deeper, more accurate understanding.They create learning experiences that promote both long-term learning and appropriate recall and application beyond the classroom.This entails much more than presenting information.Learning-driven teachers don’t simply wish or hope their students learn -- they take actions to see that the desired kind of learning takes place.


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