Civil Engineering Personal Statement Advice

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For Oxbridge, this will show that you can link the different elements together, and for other universities, this will show that you are mainly focused on one subject, but you understand how other topics link into it.

For Engineering, most universities will make you choose a discipline within Engineering (i.e. Therefore in your personal statement, you should focus on your Mechanical Engineering, broadening out to discuss how this relates to a wider interest in Engineering as a whole.

In these cases, it is best to avoid mentioning the specific course name.

Your subjects will be listed alongside your personal statement in your UCAS application, however talking about other subjects can provide further insight into your chosen course.

Write a draft first, as the first version of your personal statement doesn't have to be the last.

Don't worry about the character limit when you start as you can always cut down later! Show us that you are mature and ready to adjust to university life. How will university contribute to your career plans? The majority (50-75%) should explain why you want to study your chosen course.

For subjects like History, work experience is far less relevant: as long as you display a passion for your course, and demonstrate your knowledge and reading in the subject, then lack of work experience will not matter as much.

For Oxbridge personal statements, extracurricular activities should be reserved for a quick mention at the end of your statement, unless you can show close relevancy to your academic subject and use the activity as evidence of your independent pursuit of your subject.

Show motivation and enthusiasm for your chosen subject – tell us why you want to study your chosen course and show us your passion for the subject. This could include relevant work experience, volunteer work or experiences such as a Gap Year. Consider the words you choose carefully and make sure you are putting yourself across in the best way possible. Read it out loud and if it makes sense when you’re reading it, it will make sense to someone else.

It’s not just about what you want to study – what other skills do you have? Get someone else to proof read your personal statement because you will have looked over it too many times to spot the mistakes.


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