Classroom Management Essay

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I have developed an appropriate solution and action plan that I would follow to achieve it.

I have learnt several things from my research that would help me in my future classroom management.

When they look at the wall they see arts, maps, famous people, and student work all portrayed in different posters that are colorful around the class. From my desk that is also in the circle, I will start the lesson.

The students will get out their books and colorful pens to note today’s lesson.

As a primary school teacher who is on placement, am faced with several issues regarding disorderly and disruptive behavior from my student such as talking, getting up from their chairs to walk to other students desks without permission, disobedience, aggressive behavior and refusal to finish assigned task or school work.

My inability to control their behavior them has led to my lack of teaching them properly as required.

However, I will notify them from the beginning that the privilege withdrawal things get out of control.

I would create a class constitution if the behavior of the students were inconsistent.

To solve the above problems, I have realized that I need to implement a classroom management component.

This is because the environment in which the students learn in is very important, and can create a learning atmosphere.


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