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Hearing him talk about his passion for the project, laying out the project plan together, and trying to help him succeed has been extremely rewarding.Unlike the other parts of the application, where high grade point averages and SAT scores reign supreme, the essay is less about being impressive than it is about being authentic.It can take some convincing for many kids and parents to believe that when it comes to writing the essays, in particular, college admissions officers care about who students are. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not about unattainable standards or curing cancer.We're still in the process of building a story around his profile, and it's exciting to see the parts come together.My mentor, Zane, has been very helpful in helping me get organized and has made it easy to think about what ideas I may want to pursue in the future.K., so maybe my mom wrote that part.”No kidding, Mikey.The paradox of the overzealous editing of the college essay by many helicopter parents is that they don’t know what a college essay is really about.So to well-intended adults: in those extra spaces, you are leaving incriminating fingerprints on your student’s show of authenticity.And in trying to make the essay polished enough to prove to an admissions officer that your student is ready for the responsibilities of college, you are showing that you are not so sure. Whether you’re trying to figure out which colleges are best for you, looking to maximize financial aid, or aiming to get accepted to the most competitive schools, we’re here to help.I enjoy working with College Vine students because I love seeing my clients grow throughout the process of writing and learning how to present themselves in a compelling application.


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