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We learnt about the importance of drinking milk and consuming dairy products in our health education class. The truth is milk does harm to you body, the word “milk” isn’t as comforting as it sounds.... Majority of parents today, truly care about their children’s health.

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In addition, there is a category of cheeses named ‘Raw Milk Cheese (RMC)’, the traditional cheese that is made from unpasteurization milk....

[tags: Milk, Cheese, Pasteurization, Raw milk] - After the first few months of an infant’s life, it is physically able to digest dairy.

The eggs that were consumed were not organic however they were extra large eggs from gray ridge egg farms in the USA....

[tags: Nutrition, Meat, Milk, Food] - Cheese is a food derived from milk which is getting its popularity in wide range of flavours and textures, as well as the high nutrients of fat, protein, phosphorus and calcium (Walther et al., 2008).

[tags: Legalizing Raw Milk] - For breakfast I consumed oatmeal with sliced banana on top as well as scrambled eggs fried in coconut oil.

I also drank a tassimo Maxwell house coffee with almond milk.

Recently there has been a revolution in healthy living from knowing about what you are eating to catered plans from educated individuals to keep you and others on a healthy track.

No one ever looks at diary milk as something harmful or unhealthy since we have been drinking diary milk for a very long time.

Some studies believe that incorporating milk and dairy to one’s diet with lead to stronger bones, while other studies claim there is links to cancer and even osteoporosis.

The articles read were examined to be either for or against the consumption of milk and dairy and why their specific ideology was correct.


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