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Choosing smaller rectangles for the arms, carefully glue and slide them under the uniform and between the paper bag.Grab another large rectangle for the hat and make a small fold to represent the bill of the hat. Add some googly eyes and grab some markers to accessorize! The mail carrier got some creative added features as it was pointed out that a mail bag to deliver the letters was needed.

In celebration of Community Helpers Week, we’ve been reading a lot of books about the workers in our community that help.

One of our very favorites has been by Miranda Paul.

Inside: During our community helpers theme, we focused on the post office and firefighters, since those can be most meaningful for this age group. The community helpers theme is a fun way to explore different careers grown ups have.

Come see how we set up our toddler and preschool classroom with fun activities. We focus on firefighters and the post office during this theme because it’s usually most meaningful to young children.

Young children see the mail truck delivering envelopes and packages every day.

They’ve also probably been to the post office a few times with parents to drop off packages.There’s a reason paper bag puppets are a timeless preschool craft.Not only do they combine art and scissor skills, they can be tied to so many preschool themes and be used for story telling and pretend play.You will also see activities that our children have shown an interest in, or those that build certain skills (especially at our activity table).One of our favorite dramatic play activities every single year is the post office.For our firefighter, we followed the same steps as the described for the mail carrier.We then added more accessories with yellow paper- a belt and signage for the hat was a must!We hope you have as much fun learning about and playing with these community helper puppets as we did!The 169-page Community Helper Lesson Plan Set includes printable lesson plans full of hands-on activities and these additional printables:1) Community Helpers Class Book Covers and Page Template2) Counting Puzzles (6 versions in both color and b/w)3) Community Helpers Emergent Reader (3 versions)4) Community Helper Photograph Posters5) Communit Helpers Roll and Graph Math Game (in color and b/w)6) Mailing Shapes Sorting Activity (in color and b/w)7) Build a Word Sight Word Construction Mats and Word Cards (in color and b/w)8) Community Helpers Picture-Word Cards (in color and b/w)9) 0-35 Community Helper Number Cards (in color and b/w)10) Put the Fire Out Number Games (2 versions, in color and b/w)11) Put the Fire Out Uppercase and Lowercase Matching Game (in color and b/w)Also available on Teachers Pay Teachers.Once your community helper puppets are created, it’s time to play!We had so much fun role playing with our community helpers.


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