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L'article envisage les conditions de possibilité d'une méthodologie propre à l'espace littéraire et artistique du Sud, à partir du cas particulier de la Caraïbe et de la double perspective du langage et de l'espace déjà élaborée dans la langue de Caliban.Les discours théoriques ou critiques qui partent de la Caraïbe créent souvent des images-concepts tantôt à partir d'un modèle linguistique hybride, tantôt à partir d'un modèle élémentaire ou géographique. The album depicts the mythic quest of a hipster-hero descending into the Underworld in pursuit of the Muse. Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek presents a framework of comparative literature based on a contextual (systemic and empirical) approach for the study of culture and literature and applies the framework in audience studies, film and literature, women's literature, translation studies, new media and scholarship in the humanities and in the analyses of English, French, German, Austrian, Hungarian, Romanian, and English-Canadian modern, contemporary, and ethnic minority texts. In his article "Marriage in the Short Stories of Chekhov" Mark Richard Purves explores Anton Chekhov's often occurring depiction of marriage.

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In his article "On Imaginary Content Analogies in Musico-Literary Imitation,” Rodrigo Guijarro Lasheras analyzes "imaginary content analogy," a term often used in musico-literary studies to describe a type of imitation of music in literature.

His paper aims to examine and characterize this important concept, establishing several of its features that musico-literary criticism has not normally paid attention to, such as its static or dynamic character, its implicit or explicit musical correlate, and its relation to vocal music.

I contend that Ferrante recuperates and italicizes nineteenth-century modes of storytelling, displaying a form of epistemological tension rooted in a movement away from a belief in plot’s semantic potentialities and into the postulation of a poetics of In this study, I have examined the representations of domestic workers in a number of Arabic mid-century and contemporary novels, using feminism and intersectionality as my overarching framework.

I employed several scholarships of feminism such as Marxist and postcolonial feminism to examine the discourse on working-class women.

The singer encounters bizarre figures and wanders in exile through the “Lowlands” searching for the goddess—a figure inspired by Sara Dylan, but also a composite of the White Goddess, Persephone, Eurydice, and others. Chekhov elaborates on what he sees as matrimony's central antinomy, namely that the wedding of one individual to another produces loneliness, an absence of intimacy, and a kind of alienation so acute ...

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Dylan’s mythic adaptations are also informed by the syncretic work of T. Few periods have witnessed so strong a cultural fixation on apocalyptic calamity as the present.

S.-led invasion—the era that propelled Afghanistan into the center of global media visibility.

Through an analysis of fiction, graphic novels, memoirs, drama, and film, the book demonstrates that writing and screening “Afghanistan” has become a conduit for understanding our shared post-9/11 condition.

He traces the rhizomatic connections between Joo Ming Chia’s " Robert O.

Efird and Saera Yoon discuss film adaptations of Dostoevsky’s novel.


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