Comparison And Contrast Essay City Vs Country

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The combination of these facilities has resulted to the creation of a self centered community which hardly interacts with each other.

The technological advancement, which has made virtual communication easier than before, has resulted to the decline in the real interaction thus making people far apart.

The city is known for its hectic, fast-paced lifestyle.

Businesswomen rush around and put in late hours to meet deadlines and win over clients, often leading stressful existences.

It is not uncommon to find a resident who knows nothing about their neighbors.

The human bonds have declined and everybody is busy concentrating with his own affairs.Country life, on the other hand, is celebrated for its "simplicity." This notion, however, often proves incorrect.Many people in the country, like farmers, lead extremely busy lives.He received a Master of Arts in writing at the National University of Ireland, Galway.An urban area generally refers to a region that is characterized by high population density and vast manmade features as compared to the adjacent areas.Both types of people would be willing to help a friend in trouble.They may even share the same faith values, as many of the same religions and types of churches are found in both the country and the city.The term excludes huge wilderness that are not inhibited.Rural areas have been on the decline owing to the expansion of the cities, thus occupying the areas that can be referred to as rural.There exist distinctive differences between the two regions in terms of the way of life.While it may not be possible to exclusively state either of the two to be the ideal place to reside, a case can be built to support the benefits as well the challenges that are associated with residing in any of the two locations.


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