Computer Science Thesis Project

Be sure to do this well before you actually start the thesis project, you are not required to have any project assigned to attend these meetings.

The start of the thesis project is the day you get your thesis specification and application approved and registered by the examiner or thesis coordinator.

Your thesis project can not be found in Studentportalen until it is approved and registered.

You must also submit the documents both electronically and physically.

If we do not receive physical and electronic versions of the forms the entire process will be slowed down or we might not even register you as we are not fully aware of your application.

Please make sure you send us a notifying email with the electronic documents attached!

Please note that the process of finding a reviewer may take some time, 2-3 weeks is not unusual from the point when you leave the form to the coordinator to the point in time when the project has been registered by the office.

To find relevant literature, it is good to be aware of systems such as: The project phase is essentially a way into your specific bachelor thesis topic.

During the project phase, you should pick up and deepen the necessary knowledge, you should develop a good understanding of the state of the art, and you should get familiar with any programs or tools or datasets that are essential for carrying out a little research project during the bachelor thesis course.

The feedback you get will then be helpful for you when preparing the final presentation.

Doing research in computer science usually starts with a lot of reading and learning.


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