Conceptual Problem Solving

Implementers are focused on getting the project done.When others are generating and refining ideas, Implementers can become frustrated by what they view as a lack of progress when others are generating and refining ideas.

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You’ve been asked to take part in a meeting to come up with potential solutions.

What’s likely to be your first contribution to the meeting discussion?

But these big-picture thinkers can be the source of very important breakthroughs.

Developers like to get to know an idea, evaluate alternative ways of approaching it, and constantly make improvements.

In fact, by choosing any of the answers, you’re playing a key role in the success of your company.

We all take different approaches to generating new ideas, solving problems, and addressing opportunities.Consider the following situations to help figure out where you fit.Usability testing has unveiled some big issues with your company’s new software application.Clarifiers may sometimes seem to be holding up the works by constantly asking questions or reframing the conversation.But to move forward, teams need the clarity that emerges from Clarifiers’ interventions.b) Tell your boss about three ideas you have for alternative promotions.c) Send your boss a detailed email outlining the risks of the promotion.Because they excel in finding flaws in ideas and pointing out why something won’t work, their colleagues may view them as overly critical.However, the work that Developers do is crucial to transforming a good idea into a practical solution.Ideators are the “crazy creative” people in an organization with a ton of big ideas.They can be highly visible and influential, but not always practical.


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