Control Electrical Machine Thesis

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The theses will be carried out under the supervision of Dr.

Anton Rassõlkin (anton dot rassolkin at ttu dot ee) and Dr.

We will provide the necessary software for the numerical analysis of the machine but the candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing the optimization procedure.

At the end of the thesis, a prototype machine will be built and the candidate can participate in this process too.

The inverse problem consists of the reconstruction of the local quantities from the global ones.

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It is however clear that this problem is ill-posed in the sense that it has more than one solution.Achieving this objective for the novel permanent magnet assisted reluctance machine could help to improve existing control strategies.∙ Design control algorithms, vision, or plant model in MATLAB/SIMULINK ∙ Build a real-time application from MATLAB/SIMULINK to the target machine ∙ Set-up and tune signal parameters from within MATLAB/SIMULINK during real-time execution The test bench, combining advantages of real-time software models and real equipment, contributes to the reduction of the number of test runs and safe maintenance.Anouar Belahcen (anouar dot belahcen at aalto dot fi) and Dr. The theses are part of a large research project funded by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.Two trends are emerging from modern electric power systems: the growth of renewable (e.g., solar and wind) generation, and the integration of information technologies and advanced power electronics.The main tasks of the thesis are: Usually the optimization concerns only the motor losses, whereas the converter losses are often neglected.Effective loss reduction strategy will require to consider motor and converter losses.The essence of the thesis is thus to find out how to deal with this ill-posed problem and find enough global information to solve it.Within this thesis, the Ph D candidate will learn about the diagnostics and fault detection of electrical machines.In this framework, we formulate a category of optimization problems, called optimal load control (OLC), to incorporate the goals of frequency control, such as balancing power supply and demand, restoring frequency to its nominal value, restoring inter-area power flows, etc., in a way that minimizes total disutility for the loads to participate in frequency control by deviating from their nominal power usage.By exploiting distributed algorithms to solve OLC and analyzing convergence of these algorithms, we design distributed load-side controllers and prove stability of closed-loop power systems governed by these controllers.


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