Cover Letter For Pharmacy Internship

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Your cover letter should demonstrate to the reader that you have the key skills and experience relevant to the particular role.You can do this by providing specific examples, tailored to the requirements listed in the job description, of when you have demonstrated these from your own experience to date.The cover letter is telling a story about you and, like all good stories, it should have a beginning, middle and end.

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However, sometimes it is appropriate to bring in other examples, such as voluntary work.

Always try to use an active voice when explaining your achievements, because this serves to make the reader feel that you were in control in these situations.

You should always try to address your cover letter to a specific person when possible.

This will be easier if you have already called the hiring manager.

This paragraph should also include any research you have done into the role or organisation, including anyone you have spoken to, any site visits you have undertaken and the name of anyone who may have referred you.

If you have taken the time to research the organisation and the role, this could be a key differentiator for your application.

Newly qualified pharmacists will likely use examples from their pharmacy placements, academia, part-time work and also extra-curricular activities, in order to demonstrate a range of skills.

A more experienced pharmacist candidate would generally choose examples from their work history because it is the most relevant.

Additionally, try to avoid making vague or generic statements that could apply to any applicant.

If an achievement is strong enough to be included in your cover letter, it should be repeated on your CV.


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