Crater Impact Coursework

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“People have said, ‘We get that this blast killed the dinosaurs, but why don’t we have dead bodies everywhere? They’re not dinosaurs, but I think those will eventually be found, too.” De Palma said his find provides spectacular new detail to what is perhaps the most important event to ever affect life on Earth.

“It’s difficult not to get choked up and passionate about this topic,” he said.

He said this is especially true as the fish are cartilaginous, not bony, and are less prone to fossilization.

“The sedimentation happened so quickly everything is preserved in three dimensions — they’re not crushed,” Burnham said.

Red Rocks Community College offers transformative Study Abroad opportunities that blend accredited academic coursework with co-curricular travel.

Faculty from various departments organize trips for their students to offer real-life learning opportunities.

Class credit is generally offered to fulfill a general education requirement.

RRCC also offers domestic academic travel opportunities for students.

It is just supplementary graphical map and does not hold any information that is pertinent to the pages content.

Previous college-level coursework and/or other significant preparation in environmental studies, ecology, biology, sociology, anthropology, international relations, or related fields, as assessed by SIT.


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