Creative Problem Solving Example

By having effective problem-solving techniques in place in an organization, the task of running the operations of the business becomes very easy and the firm can quickly attain the desired growth and success.

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It is crucial for business organizations to have a problem-solving method and model in their workplace because having it enables them to have business problem-solving tools in their arsenal.

Problem-solving method and models are used to address the challenges that arise in the workplace.

It can be used as a guide and reference for the future thereby saving the organizations a lot of time and energy.

Problem management techniques enable an organization to be responsible for managing the lifecycle of all problems that could arise in an organization.

If a created solution becomes widely used, the solution becomes an innovation and the word innovation also refers to the process of creating that innovation.

A widespread and long-lived innovation typically becomes a new tradition.

However, an organization that aims to attain growth and success must be ready to overcome its business challenges through proper problem-solving techniques.

Problems take the centre stage of what business organizations do every day.

Hence, it is very paramount for business organizations and individuals to have good problem-solving and decision-making skills in order to fulfill their purpose.

They also aid in gathering every fact thereby enhancing the understanding of the causes of the problems.


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