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Creative Writing Teaching Ideas-68
A versatile KS4 pack filled with teaching ideas and activities to help students at different stages of creative writing.

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Zoos are ripe for this sort of interdisciplinary learning; many zoos already have poetry installations throughout their exhibits.

In fact, five zoos across the United States have partnered with various organizations and poets-in-residence to create intentional poetry installations: New Orleans, Louisiana; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Little Rock, Arkansas; Jacksonville, Florida; and Brookfield, Illinois.

In an ESL classroom, the emphasis should be and often is on speaking because being able to communicate is the goal of learning another language.

On the other hand, the ability to listen, read, and write in English is significant as well.

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That's 4,036 pages filled with thousands of practical activities and tips that you can start using today. They will likely have strong feelings about each (It has been my experience that students either love or hate poetry, but usually become very excited to learn about nature.), but probably have not considered how the two may work together.Try creating a Venn diagram on the board or on chart paper with the word “poetry” in one circle and the word “zoo” in the other.Being able to see animals in action and learn about conservation through an in-person experience is incredibly valuable. How do teachers lock in these experiences for students?Adding a creative writing component may offer students a way to dive deeper into what they learn.At one high school where I worked, all sophomore students visited the Brookfield Zoo as part of their biology class.While chaperoning this outing, I realized that there was a huge missed opportunity to involve other disciplines in the trip, especially since the biology work that students needed to complete did not take the whole day.While at the zoo Have each student choose an animal about which they want to learn more.You can allow students to develop their own questions, prompting them to learn more about the animal that they have chosen.The following list contains suggested questions, but I’m always amazed by what students can generate on their own: Back in class After searching for poetry at the zoo, students will hopefully be hungry to write their own poems.For some students, the fun of this activity will be in having a chance to write something their way.


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