Criminal Justice Dissertation Topics

Thus, this topic will explore the difficulties in ascertaining intention.This topic will examine if the reform of homicide is necessary, because there was a warm reception of the Law Commission’s Report.

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This topic will explore the provisions surrounding issues such as the “right to silence” and the rights of the spouse in regards to giving evidence.

This examination will be a comparative review of US and English law, which are distinctly different; whereby the rationale of the US system is based on protecting Constitutional Rights.

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This topic will explore to what extent there should be criminal liability for omissions, which means the consideration between criminal negligence and recklessness will be explored.

In the case of R v Miller [1983] 1 All ER 978 it was held that if the conduct of an omission is the same as a positive act then there should be criminal liability.The defence of diminished responsibility is defined under the Homicide Act 1957 (HA 1957) s.2(1) (as amended by the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 (CJOA 2009)) and can only be a defence in murder (Campbell [1997] Crim LR 495).Here you will find a selection of 12 dissertation topics and ideas on crimial and evidence law.We have provided these topics to help you create your own great law dissertation topics.However, as the case of R v A [2001] UKHL 25 identified the relationship between the victim and offender is relevant, because it may lend to consent.The problem is that the law is putting the victim on trial, which indicates an imbalance in the system.The result would be that the defendant must show that s/he has; 1) a medical condition; 2) this medical condition impaired their ability; and 3) provides and explanation for the act that resulted in death of another.This model has been criticised as being overly limited; thus this topic will be explored if the defence and its application should be extended, especially with regards to human rights concerns.This topic will undertake a comparative approach between the US (Arizona v Evans, 116 s. 1185 (1995)) and English (R v Sang [1980] AC 402) approaches to confessions and ill-gotten evidence. Thus, it will explore the case law and miscarriages of justice to determine if there should be greater scrutiny on how this evidence is presented.This is important to ensure fair representation to the jury, in order to prevent misrepresentations.


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