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The ideal embodied in Launcelot is “escapism” in a sense never dreamed of by those who use that word; it offers the only possible escape from a world divided between wolves who do not understand, and sheep who cannot defend, the things which make life desirable.

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This book, written by Robert Lewis, grew out his own experiences as he and some close friends struggled to lead their sons into balanced, biblical masculinity. Here these competing impulses–normally found in different individuals–find their union.(1) Were one of these two bents given full rein, the balance required for authentic Christian manhood would be lost.

Strength and power, without tenderness, for example, give us the brute.

Our first week at school refuted this lie, along with its corollary that a truly brave man is always gentle.

It is a pernicious lie because it misses the real novelty and originality of the medieval demand upon human nature.

Lou Whitworth summarizes an inspiring book which lays out the characteristics of a godly man.

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The ceremonies and the code of conduct of knights are compared to a biblical perspective on Christian manhood.

And this knowledge is specially necessary as we grow more democratic.

In previous centuries the vestiges of chivalry were kept alive by a specialized class, from whom they spread to other classes partly by imitation and partly by coercion.

It demanded valour of the urbane and modest man because everyone knew that he was as likely as not to be a milksop.” ― “Mankind is so fallen that no man can be trusted with unchecked power over his fellows.

Aristotle said that some people were only fit to be slaves. But I reject slavery because I see no men fit to be masters.” ― “Nothing would induce me to return to the age of fourteen: but neither would anything induce me to forgo the exquisite Proustian or Wordsworthian moments in which that part of the past sometimes returns to me.” ― “In tire world today there is a “liberal” or “enlightened” tradition which regards the combative side of man’s nature as a pure, atavistic evil, and scouts the chivalrous sentiment as part of the “false glamour” of war.


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