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In consultation with their supervisor, students will formulate their topic, investigate the background literature, design a research strategy, carry this research out, and then write a thesis.This is the culmination of undergraduate students’ study of anthropology at CUHK.Download ANTH4300/ANTH4301 Registration Form All anthropology-major undergraduate students will do a Final Year Field Project (FYP) ANTH 43, under the supervision of a faculty member in the Anthropology Department.

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The thesis must be typed and bound and must follow the department style.

Application for Department's subsidy on FYP: As some Anthropology students may have significant expenses in doing their FYP research. Students need to write a one to two page document describing their research and anticipated expenses.

Starting Term 1 of 2015, the following arrangements will be carried out: Please note that students will not be able to add ANTH4300/4301 in CUSIS on their own. Huang Hsuan-ying will be on their academic research leave in Fall 2019. Students can find our Department full-time teachers email contact here.

It is therefore essential that you submit the completed form to the Department General Office by the due date, in order to avoid delays in graduation. Teresa Kuan will be on her sabbatical leave and therefore she will not provide FYP supervision. Students are expected to consult their FYP advisor regularly during the semester concerning the literature review, project design, fieldwork research, and thesis writing.

The FYP supervisor is selected based on consultation between the student and faculty members: students need to discuss their prospective project with teachers and choose their supervisor on that basis.

The Department encourages timely planning of students’ Final Year Project (FYP), and recommends students to begin discussing with potential supervisors as early as possible. Huang if they wish to seek their supervision on FYP.

The final version of the FYP thesis should be submitted at the end of the semester.

Each thesis is required to be around 50 pages or 13,000 words.

A student will be admitted as either an MPhil student or a Ph D student. COM MPhil Stream The MPhil study is research oriented.

The normative duration is 2 years for full-time students and 3 years for part-time students with a bachelor degree.


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