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We're not an aggregator: we make the notes and they are subsequently used all across the country.Over 300,000 students and teachers have used our notes since 2010. She is a longtime devotee of all things academic and got 8 A1s in her Leaving Cert.As he settles in, Saroo is joined by Mantosh, another Indian boy, who becomes Saroo's adopted brother.

Where the first half of the film follows Saroo as a young boy, tossed around by the hands of fate, the second half transitions to 25 years later, with Saroo a university student in Australia.

As an adult, Saroo is embracing the next phase of his life, with memories of his time in India lying dormant.

Narrowly avoiding being kidnapped, and with no paper trail or family name, he ended up in a local orphanage, from where he was eventually adopted by a couple in Australia, starting a new life on another continent. Opening with the little boy's alarming journey into the dangerous melee of Kolkata, the first act immerses you in Saroo's experience.

Alone and bewildered, the camera stays close to him, following him up and down the train as he screams for help.

For British actor Dev Patel, who plays adult Saroo, this is a film about love and the remarkable bond between mother and son transcending continents.

Through tender memories, we see young Saroo working with his birth mother Kamla in the hills behind their village.Inspired by the development of Google Earth, Saroo becomes obsessed with retracing his steps back to the family he left behind.Only his long-buried memories can tell him if he is on the right path amongst the countless possibilities in the sprawling geographical radius.Gliding aerial shots of the Australian countryside are compared to the rugged plains of India that Saroo's train travelled across.Director Garth Davis and Dev Patel both spent months travelling through India in order to help them emotionally connect with the story.Acutely aware that Saroo's life would be very different if he hadn't been adopted, his memories wont let you forget that it was simply an unthinkable event that cruelly drew them apart.Torn between two families in two different countries, landscape becomes a defining motif in Saroo's struggle to understand who he really is.While waiting, he wandered into an empty train and fell asleep, only to awaken with the train in motion, hurtling him far away from home.Terminating more than 1,500 miles away in Kolkata - a strange, frantic city, whose language he didn't speak - Saroo is lost in a seemingly hopeless situation.Deposited in Kolkata, the camera then draws out, revealing his small, vulnerable body set agains the huge crowds and unfamiliar landscapes of the big city.Overlooked and unable to ask for help (Saroo speaks Hindi, while the language in Kolkata is Bengali) he is destined to become one of the many street urchins that inhabit the city's alleyways and archways.


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