Decision That Changed Your Life Essay

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Robert Frost suggested that the best path was the less predictable one. Here are what some decision-makers described as their best choices, how they were made, and how those decisions helped lead them toward success and happiness.

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Stop Overthinking It: 9 Ways to Make Decisions With Confidence Sometimes we know the answers intuitively and quickly decide.I think if I hadn’t made that decision at such a young age I might have been afraid to do it later on in life.I’d like to think I’ve occasionally made good decisions in my life (first among them marrying my wife, Sue)—but professionally, I’d say that leaving my post as North American CEO of J. At the time I left, I was being considered as a candidate for worldwide CEO, and it’s scary to contemplate a second career when you’re doing that well.After my father went to be with the Lord, I felt a deep desire to step up and serve as pastor of Lakewood Church.Having preached only once in my life—a week before my father died—that desire was soon bombarded by a variety of negative thoughts.Today when I see the opportunities to make a difference in the lives of so many people, I am truly grateful for God’s grace and the strength to have made that decision years ago.I’ve made a lot of decisions—I’m old—but I think the seminal one for me was deciding to stay in Dallas.If you want to work in automotive, you might want to move to Detroit.If you’re interested in entertaining, you probably want to be in Los Angeles. The Sleep Revolution The best decision I ever made was committing to getting eight hours of sleep a night.Other times we debate endlessly, agonizing our way toward an answer.At pivotal points in life, the number of decisions can be overwhelming.


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