Direct Instruction Research Papers

According to research, direct instruction is one of the most effective teaching strategies.

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I’ll give you the what and how, and include some practical examples.

Direct instruction is a teacher-directed teaching method.

The lesson content should be carefully organized step-by-step, with the steps building on each other.

In the direct instruction method, you can present new material through a lecture or through a demonstration.

As they keep on practicing, students reach the “automatic” stage where they are successful and rapid, and no longer have to “think through” each step.

Check whether your students know everything before moving on to a new concept that builds upon what they’ve just learned.

To show your students what exactly they have to learn and what is expected from them, you can give them lesson objectives.

Use clear and guided instructions, so students can begin absorbing the new material.

The student attempts the skill with the assistance of the teacher and other students. The purpose of this step is to guide initial practice, correct mistakes, reteach (if necessary) and provide sufficient practice so that students can work independently.

It’s very important to ask good questions to verify your students' understanding.


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