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The dissertation process is a very individualized process. Getting to the dissertation defense is the part where it is all on you.

This is a cliche response and a very true response. The dissertation is the ultimate test in how bad you want to be #Phinishe D. There is no “should” “supposed to be” or “right way” to this process. There is so much more I could say about lessons learned. My dissertation allowed me to connect more with beautiful souls who graciously shared their time and their stories with me and each other.

The hard copies of the dissertation required for the examination process should be in temporary bindings.

The final copy of the dissertation should be electronically deposited in pdf format or other format acceptable to the University and appropriate to the medium as agreed with supervisors Where a partial deferment has been granted (see Section 9.2.5) both the redacted and full versions must be submitted.

A cover sheet must be integrated as the first page of the redacted version with a statement on the redactions agreed by the candidate, supervisors and any industrial sponsors.

It is recommended that the redacted version file adopts the following naming approach: ‘Redacted_Final_Copy_[year_month_day]_[candidate surname_candidate initials]_[Degree type].’ The five preliminary pages (with the addition of a cover sheet if there is a partial deferment version – see above) must be the Title Page, Abstract, Dedication and Acknowledgements, Author’s Declaration and Table of Contents. At the top of the title page, within the margins, the dissertation should give the title and, if necessary, sub-title and volume number.

If the dissertation is in a language other than English, an abstract in that language and an abstract in English must be included.

and that it has not been submitted for any other academic award.

If the dissertation is in a language other than English, the title must be given in that language and in English.

The full name of the author should be in the centre of the page.


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