Dissertation Housing Market

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Topic Description : The research will focus at the time when (January 2005) all the listed companies in the UK were asked to prepare and present their financial statements according to the IFRS guidelines.

The research will study the accounting books of the UK companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) FTSE 350 during 2007-2011.

Topic Description : ‘Green' accounting means figuring out how much do environmental measures cost the companies and organisations, and how to incorporate them into their financial reports.

Many UK universities are trying to project the image of going ‘green’ by starting initiatives such as limited access to vehicles, adding ‘green’ buildings to the campus, and incorporating recycling programmes on their campuses.

It also explores the role of IFRS, and use country-specific case studies to discover why their accounting practices continue to be different.

The case studies will also be studies to study share ownership patterns in the global context and associated issues like globalisation of stock options.

Topic Description : The study will compare-and-contrast of how audit committees work in Saudi Arabia and India.

These committees are defined as the sub-committees where non-executive directors take care of organisational matters such as auditing, internal controlling and management, and financial.

It will also try to uncover whether universities try to suppress the real costs of environmental-friendly measures they undertake.

Topic Description : An analysis of the extent to which intellectual capital is a hidden value in company financial statements with reference to Nokia, Samsung and Microsoft.


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