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Schrenk PDF CHINESE NATIONAL POLICY REGARDING FOREIGN EXPERTS: PERCEPTIONS OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS DEANS, Jun Wang PDF EVALUATION OF TRANSIENT COGNITIVE CHANGES FROM MAXIMAL EXERTION AND RESPIRATOR WEAR, Sally Martinsen Bardsley PDF A Qualitative Study of Tribal Colleges and Universities that have Transitioned: From Two-Year Associate Degree Granting Institutions to Targeted Four-Year Bachelor Degree Granting Institutions, Lynette Kay Chandler PDF AN INVESTIGATION OF THE PHENOMENON OF SHORTAGES OF INDIAN TEACHERS AS DESCRIBED BY TRIBAL COLLEGE LEADERS IN TEACHER PREPARATION, Cynthia Gail O'Dell PDF Accessibility, affordability, and flexibility: The relationship of selected state sociopolitical factors and the participation of adults in public two-year colleges, Joe Schaffer PDF Within a School System, How are the needs of the non-qualifying students for special education address, what supports are in place and what interventions are used?, Nancy Ann Terwilliger-Grube PDF VALUES CONGRUENCE: ITS EFFECT ON PERCEPTIONS OF MONTANA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP PRACTICES AND STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT, Daniel Roy Zorn PDF Curriculum Improvement: The Teacher Perspective on Change in the Classroom, Heather C.De Walt PDF Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual School Counselors: What Influences Their Decision-Making Regarding Coming Out at Work, Joni L.

, Stephen Paul Halula PDF Textbooks, Teachers, and Middle School Mathematics Student Achievement, Susan R.Theses, dissertations, and professional papers from all University of Montana departments and programs may be searched here. Bird PDF Perceptions of Trustees and Faculty on the Required Leadership Competencies for a Community College President, Kevin C. Baker PDF WESTERN FACULTY MEMBERS’ CROSS-BORDER LIVED EXPERIENCES: A PHENOMENOLOGICAL STUDY, Xin Bu PDF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ONLINE VS.Farrell's contributions to the creation of special education in New York City, Kimberly Ellen Kode PDF Applying the stages of change model to a psychoeducational parenting program, Bonnie Coleen Nicholson PDF Problem-based learning in occupational therapy curriculum: Does it affect components of metacognition?This collection includes theses, dissertations, and professional papers from the University of Montana Department of Counselor Education, Department of Educational Leadership, and Department of Teaching and Learning. FACE-TO-FACE INSTRUCTION IN MANDARIN CHINESE LANGUAGE COURSES IN MONTANA HIGH SCHOOLS, SUHAN CHEN PDF The Impact of Bullying Participant Role on the Relationship Between School Climate and Attitudes Towards Interpersonal Peer Violence, Miriam Rose Baker Reynolds PDF THE EXPLORATION OF CLINICIANS’ LIVED EXPERIENCES IN CULTURALLY ADAPTING EMPIRICALLY SUPPORTED TREATMENTS FOR AMERICAN INDIAN AND ALASKA NATIVE POPULATIONS, Maegan Rides At The Door PDF INSTRUCTIONAL DATA TEAMS AND DATA LITERACY: LEADERS SUPPORTING THE WORK OF SCHOOL INSTRUCTIONAL TEAMS, Vicki Sherril Begin PDF THE EFFECT OF ACADEMIC ADVISOR TYPE ON UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT RETENTION, Brian Patrick French PDF THE EFFECT OF PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT ON STUDENT-ATHLETE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE, ACADEMIC SELF- EFFICACY, FUNCTIONAL INDEPENDENCE, AND ACHIEVEMENT OF ADULTHOOD CRITERIA, Grace Harris Gardner PDF INTELLIGENT PERSONAL ASSISTANTS IN THE CLASSROOM: IMPACT ON STUDENT ENGAGEMENT, Jason Patrick Neiffer PDF Mediating Cultural Border Crossings Between American Indian Tribal College Students and Natural Resources Science Learning Using Culturally Congruent Education, Shandin Hashkeh Pete PDF SUPREME COURT CASES THAT IMPACTED PUBLIC EDUCATION, Rodny W. Squires PDF EXPLORING RESEARCH-BASED YOGA INTERVENTIONS TARGETING UNDERSERVED WOMEN AND SEXUAL TRAUMA: A DESCRIPTIVE STUDY, Shannon Steele PDF Metabolic Energy Requirements during Load Carriage: Implications for the Wildland Firefighter Arduous Pack Test, Jeffrey T. Alfiero, Charles Dumke, Brent Ruby, and Matthew Bundle PDF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN STUDENT RISK FACTORS AND COMPLETION FOR STUDENTS WITH DEBT AT COMMUNITY COLLEGES, Colleen Sweeney Unterreiner PDF EXPLORING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHILDHOOD SEXUAL KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION AND ADULT SEXUAL SELF-ESTEEM, Guy Ray Backlund PDF SUPERVISEE ROLE INDUCTION TRAINING TO ADDRESS RESISTANCE, ROLE AMBIGUITY, ROLE CONFLICT, AND THE QUALITY OF THE SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIP, Michelle Orchard Backlund PDF A VISION TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY: A GROUNDED THEORY APPROACH EXAMINING EDUCATIONAL PERSISTENCE AMONG AMERICAN INDIAN GRADUATE STUDENTS, Karla D.Rusch PDF A multiple case analysis of the use of mission statements during recruiting, hiring, and mentoring at independent schools, Robert Solsrud PDF The relationship of students' domain specific self-concepts and self-efficacy to academic performance, Maija Strelnieks PDF Thinking about educational reform: The perspectives of Rectors Magnificus in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Rosita Catharina Tormala-Nita PDF Parenting among fathers of young children, Ann D Burbach PDF A study of the learning experiences and strategies of first-time asynchronous online graduate education students, Dennis L. Hochwalt and the Catholic Church's position towards federal aid, Marie Valpoon Leekley PDF The effect of service delivery on the language skills of special education students, Kate M Morand PDF Symbols, artifacts, rituals, and ceremonies: Archtypes of community in a selected private high school, Emmanuel Peter Udo PDF The Role of Parents in the Academic Achievements of Their Elementary School Children, Joseph M.Uko PDF Examining the effect of teaching method and learning style on work performance for practicing home care clinicians, Johnette (Jay) Lynn Caulfield PDF Factors related to career decision making of rural high school students, Paul Robert Hamilton PDF Facilitating self-actualization in high school youth: Faculty strategies, Elizabeth Johnnie PDF Assessment of parent and child behaviors in preschool children, Sheila Kathleen Dunn Johnson PDF Career self-efficacy and plans for the future in a welfare recipient sample, Rosemary Lynn Kleman PDF Guarding the sacred fires: Elizabeth E.Ripley PDF CLASSROOM MODIFICATIONS WITH IMPROVED ACOUSTICS MODELED FOR CEHIC, A SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF, IN KELANIYA, SRI LANKA, Polwatte Krishantha Silva PDF Evaluation of relationship between self-advocacy skills and college freshmen first semester grade point average for students with disabilities, Lee A.Barnett PDF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INTERGENERATIONAL EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES, SCHOOL CULTURE/CLIMATE, AND RACIAL IDENTITY AMONG AMERICAN INDIAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, Sandra Lee Boham PDF Effect of an Intensive Intervention on the Early Literacy Skills of Kindergarten Students Identified as Most at Risk for Future Reading Difficulties, Craig S.Hill PDF Student Evaluation of Mathematical Explanations in an Inquiry-Based Mathematics Classroom, Ashley Burgess Hulet PDF English Learners' Participation in Mathematical Discourse, Lindsay Marie Merrill PDF Mathematical Interactions between Teachers and Students in the Finnish Mathematics Classroom, Paula Jeffery Prestwich PDF Parents and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Rebecca Anne Roberts PDF Examining the Effects of College Algebra on Students' Mathematical Dispositions, Kevin Lee Watson PDF Problems Faced by Reform Oriented Novice Mathematics Teachers Utilizing a Traditional Curriculum, Tyler Joseph Winiecke PDF Academic and Peer Status in the Mathematical Life Stories of Students, Carol Ann Wise PDF The Effect of Students' Mathematical Beliefs on Knowledge Transfer, Kristen Adams PDF Language Use in Mathematics Textbooks Written in English and Spanish, Kailie Ann Bertoch PDF Teachers' Curricular Reasoning and MKT in the Context of Algebra and Statistics, Kolby J.Gadd PDF Mathematical Telling in the Context of Teacher Interventions with Collaborative Groups, Brandon Kyle Singleton PDF An Investigation of How Preservice Teachers Design Mathematical Tasks, Elizabeth Karen Zwahlen PDF Student Understanding of Limit and Continuity at a Point: A Look into Four Potentially Problematic Conceptions, Miriam Lynne Amatangelo PDF Exploring the Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching of Japanese Teachers, Ratu Jared R. Bukarau PDF Comparing Two Different Student Teaching Structures by Analyzing Conversations Between Student Teachers and Their Cooperating Teachers, Niccole Suzette Franc PDF Professional Development as a Community of Practice and Its Associated Influence on the Induction of a Beginning Mathematics Teacher, Savannah O.


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