Domestic Violence And Child Abuse Essay

The author also aims to determine the effects of child abuse by employing qualitative research techniques. Introduction The family, as a basic social institution, is tasked by the society to provide the basic needs of its citizens.Apart from biological maintenance, the family is expected to provide the warmth, care, and love that a person needs to be able to achieve a strong sense of security and individuality to be able to achieve his fullest potentials.Your partner apologizes and says the hurtful behavior won't happen again — but you fear it will.

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The longer you stay in an abusive relationship, the greater the physical and emotional toll.Domestic violence can happen in heterosexual or same-sex relationships.Abusive relationships always involve an imbalance of power and control.An abuser uses intimidating, hurtful words and behaviors to control his or her partner.It might not be easy to identify domestic violence at first.You might become depressed and anxious, or begin to doubt your ability to take care of yourself. If you're having trouble identifying what's happening, take a step back and look at larger patterns in your relationship. In an abusive relationship, the person who routinely uses these behaviors is the abuser. Still, the only way to break the cycle of domestic violence is to take action.Start by telling someone about the abuse, whether it's a friend, loved one, health care provider or other close contact.But what happens when the family fails to provide all these?More particularly, what happens when, instead, one receives a brunt in the face and other related traumatic experiences from that highly-regarded social institution?Findings of a national survey show that as much as one in every four women has experienced domestic violence.Statistics also show that 50% of men who assaulted their wives, also abused their children (Domestic Violence Resource Center, 2008).


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