Dowry System Essay

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Wedding are no longer happy events, but keep the brides, parents on tenterhooks lest the grooms family demand unreasonable gifts on the eve of the weeding.

Infact, quite often, the greedy groom or his parents do demand gift in cash or kind such as a motor car, video, etc.

Another important solution is for every girl to be professionally educated so that she has the ability to earn before she is married.

If she is working before marriage it would be even bother, for being financially independent would make her self-confident.

Till the old and young men women and even children regard it as a social evil not all the laws of the country can put an end to it.

Thus, only a consistent, persistent and co-operative effort by everybody to propagate the message of the social evil of dowry can solve the problem.The girl is taunted at every step and her life is made a virtual hell until she can fulfill the unreasonable demands of her husband and in laws.Another ploy used by such uncouth people is to pack the bride off to her parents house and told to come back only if she can induce her parents to give more dowry.Dowry System : Lesson - 4 Dowry system in prevalent in almost all section of Indian society.Dowry is what parents give to their daughter at the time of marriage.Breaking off the wedding at the last minute brings infamy to the girl.Very often false, malicious stories are spread about her so that re-engagement and marriage becomes difficult.It would hurting a working girl who can answer them back in their coin.Finally, the real solution can only come if public opinion is strongly mobilized against the giving and taking of dowry.This project report discussed about Dowry System, Dowry System Essay, Dowry Act, Dowry Death Cases, Evil of Dowry discussed, Dowry System India, Dowry Indian tradition, demand money gifts eve of wedding, Brides harassed bring more dowry, Young girls commit suicide burnt by their inlaws, dowry system Delhi, Dowry system prevalent Indian society, sake of Dowry.Jalti Bahuch Karen Pukar, Band Karo Yeh Atyachar giving dowry to girls in marriage an ancient Indian tradition. Evil of Dowry discussed (i) Boys parent demand money, gifts on the eve of the wedding. (v) Sometimes unmarried girls commit suicide when they see parents worried. Legal Efforts : (i) Mobilize public opinion against it. (iii) Girls should be professionally educated, so that they can stand on their own feet.


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