Duke University Admission Essay

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It’s generally a good idea to aim for the 75th percentile of whatever school you’re applying to–so in this case you’d want to set your goal score around 780 for each section. Again, that’s for both the Engineering School and the College of Arts & Sciences.

So no matter which school you’re applying to, try to aim for a 35, and definitely make sure not to go below a 33.

In school, I found myself fascinated in French class, going home and...

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Duke is an extremely selective school–this year Duke received 37,330 applications, which is an 8% increase in applications comparable to that of its ivy league peers like Harvard and Yale.

Admission into Duke isn’t for your average student.I observed how my father’s Caucasian family and my mother’s Vietnamese family never truly intermingled with one another.For example, I had two Christmases every year, one with my dad’s side and one with my mother’s.Learn about the school that you will be attending, and hone in on what you drew you in, and why you think you would be a great fit. Don’t say something like, I want to go to Duke because I love basketball, or I always dreamed of getting my education on the East Coast.These statements don’t really say much about your educational aspirations, or who you really are as a student.” Whether or not you achieve that perfect test score, a well-manicured application package can still result in a ‘fat envelope’ from Duke University.So to be averaging a 4.17 you’d have to be taking plenty of AP or IB classes (and racking up those A’s across the board)!Duke doesn’t set a minimum GPA, nor do they re-weight GPA’s to any standard other than what a school provides.Here are the Duke SAT scores of the Class of 2022: As you can see, there isn’t one super-special, specific Duke SAT score that the Duke admissions committee is looking for.But, you can also see that the 75th percentile of incoming freshman scored 1560 or the new SAT. Maybe you’ve taken our SAT or ACT quiz, and you think the ACT might be a better fit for you. For students who submitted ACT scores and were admitted to Duke in 2017, the 75th percentile of the incoming freshman class scored a 35 on the ACT.I was well on my way through elementary school before I realized that not everyone eats phở regularly, and not everyone has family members strewn around the world.As I grew up, I began to notice the cultural divides all around me -- including the ones within my own family.


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