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Her request was accepted; she began providing direct medical care for soldiers who were wounded in battle.She came to work in the post-operative unit, where she witnessed pain, grief, and vulnerability that many of us will never witness in our lives. She wrote of this experience in a letter, “I realize now that my life is no longer my own.” After a year of service in the Red Cross she was finally ready to write her doctoral dissertation.As a graduate student in philosophy in 1915, she had just passed her preliminary exams; all that remained was to pass a Greek exam.

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In what ways can phenomenological investigations of empathy benefit from empirical research?

2) The relationship between phenomenology and the empirical sciences The following questions may help to rethink this allegedly clear relationship: What can we learn from Edith Stein’s “Zur Kritik an Theodor Elsenhans und August Messer”?

In which respects is empathy similar to and distinct from perceptual experiences?

What role does empathy play regarding our knowledge of other minds?

What are Edith Stein’s contributions to a phenomenology of empathy?

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How to view her work in relation to Husserl’s or Scheler’s work on empathy?

How Husserlian phenomenology is related to the empirical sciences, particularly psychology, is among the most intriguing though also most controversial topics in Husserl scholarship.

On several occasions, for instance in , Husserl frames the relationship as if the empirical sciences could not have any positive impact on phenomenological research.

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